Rafael Puyana Artista + DiseƱador + EducaciĆ³n

1970, Jan-


This animation encapsules the spirit that was driving my work and its divertion from design to art in the early 2000s. During this time, I started exploring design as an artistic project while at the same time I was unveiling the possibilities of this new thing called interface design, as well as animation and programming. Although this work was not functional at all, it was created with a dream in mind that some day it could be completely interactive (which of course we know it can be easily done today). It contains in itself a potential for the new digital medium that during those days was driving thousands of designers into the transition of static and analog work into one digital, interactive and in motion.


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In retrospective, this exploration was an observation into a transitional moment of consumption and production of media. The choice of thinking about TV as a subject presented a reflection of a medium that started to decay in the advent of the Internet. Also, the new digital democratization of media production arrived with the affordability of tools understood as affordability of knowledge: easy-to-use software and programming languages, and affordability of price: cheaper software but especially illegal and free access.